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Custom Wompat for USA

Custom Wompat for USA

You can order the made-to-order Wompat by sending me an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please read the below information carefully and offer us all the required details of your order. You can order the custom carrier from one of our Vanamo or Girasol woven wraps or you can even send your own baby wrap. Please ask more info!

We have three custom Wompat carrier types available for USA customers:

1) The standard Wompat SSC full buckle carrier includes decorative fabric on the outside of body & hood, the shoulder straps and waist are made from cotton twill. The back side of the carrier is also cotton twill. The available sizes are: baby, toddler and pre-school.

2) The Half wrap conversion Wompat SSC full buckle carrier has woven wrap fabric on the outside of the whole carrier (waist, body, hood, straps) and inside the hood, too. The back side of the carrier is cotton twill. Available sizes: baby, toddler and pre-school.

3) Wompat Wrap Tai is a meh dai type, full wrap conversion carrier. You can find more info for wrap tais HERE. The woven wrap options are: Girasol regular twill weave, Vanamo Sateenkaari 100 % cotton, Vanamo Kide 55 % linen and 65 % linen. Available sizes: baby and toddler.

Prices (VAT 0%) for Wompat full buckle carriers (SSC):

Size Wompat Standard Half wrap conversion Customer’s own fabric
Baby 145,16€ 181,45€ 169,36€
Toddler 149,19€ 185,48€ 169,36€
Pre-school 153,23€ 189,52€ 169,36€

Prices for Wompat Wrap Tai (VAT 0 %):

Size Wrap Tai from Girasol Wrap Tai from Vanamo Sateenkaari Wrap Tai from Kide with linen Customer’s own Girasol
Baby 161,29€ 175,00€ 189,52€ 137,10€
Toddler 165,32€ 179,03€ 193,55€ 137,10€

We need the following information from you:

* Your name, shipping address and phone number

* Type of the baby carrier (Standard Wompat, Half wrap conversion Wompat, Wompat wrap tai)

* The size of the Wompat carrier (baby, toddler, preschool)

* How old is your child and what size of clothes is she/he using

* The fabric that you want for the body panel and hood (Girasol, Vanamo, your own woven wrap.) and the fabric that you wish for the straps. Pictures of the cotton twill colors and are found at the GALLERY. Check the available Vanamo woven wraps and Girasol wraps.

* Please think about an optional choice for the fabrics also, if your first option is not available

* Other wishes that you may have (please see some other special options below)

* The method of payment (bank transfer or PayPal, credit cards only through PayPal)

The delivery time varies from about 2 to 4 weeks. The summer time and end of the year are the most busy times

We will answer to your e-mail as soon as possible. I will let you know an estimated delivery time and send you an invoice. We require advanced payment for the made-to-order Wompats. Your order will be added to the seamstress's wait list after we have received your payment.

The normal 2 weeks return policy applies to the made-to-order carriers as well.

We offer three sizes of Wompat carrier: baby, toddler and pre-school. The minimum weight limit for the baby size carrier is 3,5 kg (7 lbs) and the maximum weight for the pre-school size is 22 kg (48 lbs). The age and size recommendations are average estimations. If you can't decide between two sizes, please think about when do you need it the most: do you need the carrier right now or maybe a little later. If you need it now, the smaller size is probably right for you. But if you want to be able to use the carrier as long as possible, then you might want to choose a bigger size (the bigger size may be a little too large at first). The hight of the body is measured in the middle of the carrier from the seam of waist band to the seam of hood. The width of the body is measured a few centimeters above the seam of waist (in the middle of the "legs out padding"). There can be some variation in these measurements (+/- 1 cm).

  • Baby size (0-18 months, clothing size (EU) 50-86): Height 38 cm, width 38 cm
  • Toddler size (2-4 years, clothing size 92-98): height 45 cm, width 45 cm
  • Pre-school size (3-5 years, sizes 98-104/110): height 50 cm, width 50 cm

The adjustable shoulder straps will fit all sized parents. The standard length of the waist band is 62 cm (padded fabric part). This waist band size is suitable for about 68 - 120 cm waist / hip. So the tightest setting is 68cm and the largest setting 120 cm. If you need more than 120 cm for the waist, we can add some extra webbing to make the diameter larger.

The panel and the hood can be cut from different locations on the fabric and the seamstress makes the decision with each Wompat while making it. The final look of the carrier can be somewhat different from the Wompats pictured on our site. If you want the panel or/and the hood to be cut from the specific stripes/pattern on the fabric, it is possible to have that, too. The specific colors will cost 10 €. The other details of the Wompat baby carrier can not be modified. It is not possible to change for example the measurements of the body panel, the model of the sleep hood or the amount of padding in the straps.

Custom Wompat made with customer's own fabric:

We can use also the customer's own fabric for the custom Wompat. Please always ask for our approval for the fabric before sending it! The fabric can be a woven wrap or regular cotton fabric with prints for example. The weight of woven wrap should be at least 200 g/m2 and the weight of printed cotton fabric at least 100g/m2. We can use most good quality woven wrap brands. The fabric needs to be new and un-used. The fabric can be 100% cotton, cotton-linen or cotton-hemp blend. Densely weaved baby wraps are better than loosely weaved.

Please send the fabric un-washed. We will pre-wash the fabric before sewing to avoid shrinking of the carrier.

We need about 1,3m of woven baby wrap for the outside of the body panel & hood. For a half wrap conversion Wompat we need 1,8-2,3m depending on the size of carrier, width of the wrap and the pattern. 0,85-1m of regular fabric (width over 1m) is needed for the panel & hood. A size 7 woven wrap is usually needed for a Wompat wrap tai.

If you are sending the fabric from outside of EU, we may have to pay some taxes and customs fees when receiving it. Any extra costs will be added to your invoice. If the fabric is sent from a EU country, there are no additional costs.


Wompat baby carriers made from woven wrap
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