Tips on babywearing & choosing the right carrier

Beginner-friendly woven wraps

Vanamo woven wraps by Wearababy are suitable for both beginners and more experienced babywearers. Helena and Jenni agree and state that, especially once broken in (this means wraps getting softer and easier to tie in use) almost all Vanamo wraps suit a new babywearer. Besides simply carrying your child in the wrap, you can help a new wrap get softer for instance by ironing it according to its care instructions. New wraps should always be washed prior to use.
Rengasliina sopii myös vastasyntyneelle.
Ring sling is also a good carrier for small babies. At the picture: Vanamo Kide Vesi which is available in thin & soft newborn quality as well as thicker quality for bigger babies. Photo: Liinalapsi Oy
Most Vanamo wraps are medium thick in weave and are suitable for carrying both babies and toddlers. ”For a new babywearer looking to buy an unused wrap, I would recommend a woollen Vanamo wrap which in my experience are extremely soft already after first wash and ironing. For carrying small babies, for instance, an all-cotton Vanamo Solki wrap is a good choice. A ring sling is also a very good carrier for small babies”, Jenni lists. ”Vanamo Ahven wraps work super straight from the birth, they are easy and mouldable to wrap with. Wearababy also produces special Vanamo newborn slings, so there are wraps to choose from also for beginners”, Helena states for her part. ”There are special Vanamo newborn slings which are narrower in width than the regular Vanamo wraps. These would be a good choice for a small wrappee”, also Jenni hints. Vanamo newborn slings by Wearababy are specifically designed for small babies: woven fabric is thinner and the wrap has been cut and sewn approximately 10cm (3,94 inches) narrower than the regular Vanamo wraps.

Here you can find beginner friendly Vanamo wraps in 100 % organic cotton

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