Tips on babywearing & choosing the right carrier

Colours and materials to each taste

Jenni Aronen from Haparanda, Sweden, introduces herself as a great fan of Wearababy and Vanamo wraps. ”I started carrying with a stretchy wrap when my baby was about four weeks old. He slept mostly in my arms and I looked for a way to have my hands free.
For new babywearers, Jenni recommends especially woollen Vanamo wraps as they are soft from start.
For new babywearers, Jenni recommends especially woollen Vanamo wraps as they are soft from start. Pitsi Tuhka is a medium thick wrap woven with easy-care merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton and it is suitable for babies and toddlers alike. Photo: Jenni’s home album
I found the stretchy wrap somehow difficult and did not use it much at the end. When my baby was three months old I received a structured carrier from my cousin. It felt easier to use than the stretchy wrap. However, I had already admired woven wraps on the Internet and wanted to try them out”, Jenni looks back. She visited an event in Finland where Vanamo tour wraps from Wearababy were present, too. A representative from a local sling library taught Jenni how to tie the front wrap cross carry with a woven wrap and Jenni decided to borrow a wrap for herself. In a couple of days, she decided to purchase the first woven wrap of her own – a Vanamo Kide Kaarna.

Since then, Jenni has had numerous Vanamo wraps in different sizes, including ring slings. From the age of four months until 21 months, Jenni’s child has been carried in Kide Kaarna, Solki Kivi, Kide Kultakuume, Kide Ruka, Pitsi Pallas, Kide Punastus, Pitsi Tuhka and Ahven Utu. Besides ready-made wraps, Vanamo fabrics are sold for sewing in two different widths. Jenni has also carried with a wrap sewn and fringed of Vanamo Kide Minttu fabric. Do-it-yourself fringes add personality to a wrap – in-stock Vanamo wraps come without fringes and they have tapered ends to make finishing a carry with a double knot easier.
Jenni is carrying her toddler on the back in double hammock.
When her child reached the age of eight months and did not nap in the wrap that often anymore, Jenni started carrying him more on the back. This made for instance housekeeping and walking their dog outdoors easier. For back carrying, Jenni uses carries such as ruck sack and double hammock. In the photo, Jenni is carrying her toddler in Vanamo Pitsi Tuhka in a double hammock. Photo: Jenni’s home album
Jenni admires Vanamo wraps especially because of the beautiful and timeless weave patterns. ”The selection of colours and materials is broad and the quality-price ratio is excellent. I would also like to highlight Wearababy’s extremely well-functioning customer service!” Jenni praises. Wearababy is active in social media and you can reach the customer service easily through telephone or e-mail.

In Jenni’s opinion, all the Vanamo wraps she has tried would be suitable from the age of two months and work for carrying a toddler, too. ”I love to carry my toddler in Vanamo wraps with linen, both in one-layer and multi-layer carries. All-cotton wraps and merino-cotton blends are wonderful in multi-layer carries”, Jenni sums. She finds it difficult to name her own favourite among all Wearababy products but, living up in the north, for winter she likes to choose Vanamo Pitsi Tuhka and Pitsi Pallas which both have 65% merino content. The wool used in Vanamo wraps comes from a European manufacturer and it is soft superwash merino which does not felt. The merino wool used by Wearababy is suitable for most people with sensitive skin and it can be machine washed at cold 30 C (86 F) temperature in a wool or a delicate cycle. Wool is thermoregulating and brings elasticity to woven wraps.
Explore the Vanamo woven wraps with wool

Carefully tied woven wrap feels snug and comfortable.
Carefully tied woven wrap feels snug and comfortable, almost like a second skin. The image is showing a close-up of the chest pass and shoulder pleats of a Vanamo Pitsi Tuhka in a double hammock carry. Photo: Jenni’s home album