Tips on babywearing & choosing the right carrier

Comfortable feeling is essential

Every day needs inspired Helena Joronen from Eastern Finland to start babywearing. She has carried her firstborn since he was six weeks old and her secondborn from birth.
Helena carrying her child in Vanamo Kide Vellamo.
Helena carrying her child in Kide Vellamo, a Vanamo wrap woven with cotton and linen. Photo: Helena’s home album
Since summer 2016 Helena has worked as a voluntary babywearing peer supporter and runs a sling library, both activities under registered Finnish Babywearing Society. ”As a baby, my firstborn mainly slept while being held and I soon missed having hands free”, Helena explains. ”I started babywearing with a stretchy wrap I received as a gift. I soon got myself an ergonomic structured carrier and the first woven wrap arrived to us when our firstborn was five months old. Since then, we have tried many different ergonomic structured carriers but woven wraps have always been the number one thing for me since I got to know them”, Helena tells. Structured carriers are also referred to as buckle carriers.

Vanamo is a high quality woven wrap collection of Wearababy (in Finnish Liinalapsi). Already during the active babywearing period with her firstborn Helena tried a couple of Vanamo woven wraps. Her secondborn Helena has carried in a number of Vanamo wraps: Kide Merimies since her baby was two months old, Kide Vellamo since her baby was five months old and Kide Inari since her baby was nine months old. In the babywearing world, wraps are often borrowed or sent on tour. This way, Helena has also got an opportunity to test Kide Uni, Kide Korento, Kide Vappu, Kide Ohdake, Kide Egholm, Ahven Riutta and Ahven Vesi woven wraps. Kide, Ahven, Pitsi and Solki are names of Wearababy’s own weave patterns – ’kide’ means crystal, ’ahven’ means perch, ’pitsi’ means lace and ’solki’ means buckle in Finnish. Most of the Vanamo woven wraps are named after Finnish words.
Vanamo Kide Merimies carrying a small baby.
Vanamo Kide Merimies carrying a small baby. Photo: Helena’s home album
Vanamo wraps are designed and produced in Finland. They are inspired by the diverse northern nature and also the materials used in Vanamo wraps are safe high-quality natural fibres, such as GOTS certified organic cotton. ”Exactly the known origin, beautiful designs and the comfortable touch”, Helena tells why she likes Wearababy products so much.

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There are Wearababy items also in the sling library that Helena is running: a ring sling sewn of Vanamo Kide Tuli and a medium size Wompat carrier. A ring sling is a shorter sling sewn of woven wrap fabric with aluminium seamless sling rings placed on the shoulder. Wompat carriers are famous ergonomic soft structured full buckle carriers designed and produced by Wearababy. As her favourite Vanamo wraps Helena highlights linen and hemp blends woven in the Kide pattern. Linen and hemp are both supportive and breathable natural fibres that absorb and transfer moisture away from skin and thus feel pleasant while being worn.

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