Tips on babywearing & choosing the right carrier

Vanamo woven wrap, choosing the right baby carrier
Carrying children and holding them close to you is a natural way to care for the little ones. While carrying it is useful to pay attention to ergonomics from both your and your child’s point of view. Carrying a child close to you in a sling or a carrier is referred to as babywearing – or toddler wearing, preschool(er) wearing or big kid wearing. This means carrying the child does not have to be limited to those first baby months!

An ergonomic carrier respects the natural posture of your child (often referred to as ’wrappee’) and is supportive and comfortable to use also for you (’babywearer’). A woven wrap is an ergonomic means of carrying the child and many consider it as the best aid for holding the child close. This is because woven wraps may be used already with a newborn for as long as your child likes to be carried. Woven wraps are produced in a range of lengths (referred to as sizes) and they are woven in different materials in a variety of weave patterns. Respecting the development stage of your child, woven wraps make it possible for you to carry them in front of you, on your hip or on your back.

This article offers you up-to-date information on babywearing and its benefits. It gives you an overview of woven wraps, how to choose one for yourself and how to use them. We also interview two experienced babywearers and you will receive tips on how to get started in ergonomic carrying of your child. Welcome to the fascinating world of babywearing!

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