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Wrap Conversion: Onbuhimo

Wrap Conversion: Onbuhimo

Onbuhimo is a meh dai type soft structured baby carrier that originates in Japan. Wompat Onbuhimo has 1,5m long shoulder straps that are attached to small rings at the base of the square shaped body panel. The Buckle Onbuhimo has short padded 8-10cm wide shoulder straps which are attached to the panel on each side of carrier. Onbuhimo does not include any waist strap or waist belt so it is a perfect option for those who find the waist strap uncomfortable. Onbuhimo is very light weight carrier and it's easy to take along because it fits well into the shoulder bag.

Please note: Wompat Onbuhimo is available for customers in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and Africa, but unfortunately we can not sell them to the United States.

The panel of the Onbuhimo is modified from our original Wompat buckle carriers. The panel has seat darts that will help making a good seat and position for the baby. Long soft padding is included on both sides of panel to make it perfectly comfortable for the baby. Wompat Onbuhimos are full wrap conversions. This means that the whole carrier is made from a woven baby wrap. We mostly use Vanamo and Girasol baby wraps. You can also send your own woven wrap for conversion!

We offer four sizes of Wompat carrier: baby, medium, toddler and pre-school. The age and size recommendations are average estimations. We do not recommend using the Onbuhimo carrier for a baby less than 4 months because the panel doesn't have enough support side ways. Onbuhimo carriers work specially well for back carry and it feels most comfortable when the baby is high on your back. With Onbuhimo it is important to choose the correct size for your baby. If the carrier is too large, you may not be able to get it high enough on the back. The hight of Onbuhimo panel may seem a little smaller when the carrier is in use than our Wompat buckle carriers and meh dais. The hight depends on how you wear the carrier: about 5-10cm of panel will bend under baby's bottom.

  • Baby size (4-18 months, clothing size (EU) 62-86): Height 43 cm, width 38 cm
  • Medium size (1-3 years, clothing size 86-92): height 46 cm, width 41 cm
  • Toddler size (2-4 years, clothing size 92-98): height 50 cm, width 45 cm
  • Pre-school size (3-5 years, sizes 98-104/110): height 55 cm, width 50 cm

We have three strap types available for Onbu:

1) Simple wrap straps: about 30-35 cm wide, one layer of fabric pleated in a fan style, no padding. Simple wrap straps are comfortable for front carry and you can spread them widely over your shoulders and back.

2) Padded straps: 20 cm wide, double layer of fabric, lightly padded. The padded shoulder straps are made from double layer of baby wrap and soft padding is added for the perfect comfort. The straps are 20 cm wide and you can spread them very comfortably over your shoulders and back when front carrying. On the back carry you can choose to wear them wide or fold them to about 10 cm.

3) Buckle straps: padded and about 8-10cm wide on top of shoulder. The length of the padded strap can be adjusted with perfect fit buckles. The maximum length is 40cm and the minimum length about 25cm. These straps fit for all body sizes and shapes. The back side of the strap is made from strong cotton twill fabric.