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Ring Slings

Ring Slings

Ring slings are great baby carriers for situations where you must get the baby fast in the carrier but the time of carrying does not necessarily take very long. Ring sling is easy to put on and adjusting takes only little time once you have learned to do it properly. Breastfeeding is also fairly easy with the ringsling.

With the ring sling you can wear your baby in the front, on your hip and on the back. We strongly recommend to always carry the baby in an upright position. Even a new born can be carried like this safely and securely. Please read the using instructions carefully before starting to use a new sling!

We have available Vanamo ring slings and slings made from Girasol woven wrap. The fabric of Vanamo ring slings is weaved in Finland and we sew them at our own work room. Girasol fabrics are handwoven in Guatemala and finished into ring slings locally in Finland.

Vanamo ring slings are carefully handmade by the local Finnish seamstress. We have several different patterns and colors available in 100 % organic cotton and linen, merino wool or silk blends. Vanamo fabric is diagonally elastic and it gives optimal support for the baby. Large high quality aluminium sling rings make adjusting the sling easy. Good quality sewing thread is used to secure the seams. The shoulder of the sling is partially folded or "hybrid type": small fanned pleats are on each side of the sling and the center part is left unfolded. This allows you to adjust the width of the sling to fit perfectly on your shoulder.

Girasol ring slings are made from 100 % pure cotton (öko-tex100). We have different weaving patterns available like cross twill, diamond and herringbone. There are thinner slings that are perfect for smaller babies and also thicker fabrics for heavier babies and toddlers. The shoulder type is gathered (no pleats).

Most of the ring slings in stock are standard size (M): the short side of the fabric is about 200 cm. The total length including rings & taper is about 230 cm. The standard size is suitable for most parents. It is also possible to make a smaller or longer sling, for example 180cm for size S and 220 cm for size L. Please contact us by email for more info on S or L size slings!

Please note: the color of the rings may be different than in the picture. The color of the rings matches with the fabric but we use different colors depending what we have available. If you want specific color for the rings, please contact us by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.