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Using a Ring Sling
Preparing the Sling
Front and hip carry
Back carry
Taking the baby out
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The Ring Sling can be used with a newborn and up to toddler age. The ring sling is great for situations where you need to get the baby quickly up and wrapped.

With the ring sling you can carry the baby on your front, on your hip and on the back. We strongly recommend always to carry the baby in an upright position. In the upright position your baby can breath easily and you can monitor her wellbeing at all times. Even a newborn can be carried this way. You can place the legs of a small baby crossed inside the sling pouch. In the age of about 2-4 weeks you can start carrying her in the frog leg position.

Please check that your ring sling is in good condition before the first use and after each wash. Do not use a broken ring sling!


Please read the instructions for use carefully. The safety of your child is on your responsibility. Please use common sense and do not carry out any activities that could endanger the safety of your child for example bike riding, horse riding, cooking etc.

The ring sling can be washed in a machine in 40 degrees of celsius. Wrap a sock or piece of fabric around the rings to protect the color.




Making the sling ready:

1. Slide the end of the sling through both rings. Make sure the fabric does not get twisted.












2. Open the rings a little..












3. .. and slide the end of the sling back through just one ring.












4. Pull the fabric through the rings and adjust the length of the sling appropriate for you.












5. Spread the fabric evenly over the rings. It will slide more easily through the rings when you adjust it with the baby.












6. Particularly both edges of the sling should run smoothly in the rings.












7. The ring sling is now ready to be used!










Front and hip carry:

1. Put the sling on. You can wear it on either shoulder.















2. The right place for the rings is just under your shoulder. At the beginning it is advisable to set the rings as high as possible on top of your shoulder. When you adjust the sling, the rings will come down to the right place. Set the length of the sling suitable for you: the lower part of the sling pouch should be on the same level with your belly button.













3. Lift the baby up and hold her against you free shoulder. Slide her into the sling pouch. You can put her on your front belly to belly or on the hip.















4. Place the baby's legs to the wide frog-leg-position: the knees higher than her bottom.















5. Pull the upper edge of the sling up behind baby's neck..















6. ..and with a small baby even over the neck. An older baby can keep her hands out, if she wants.














7. Make sure that there is plenty of fabric under the baby's bottom and the lower rail of the sling reaches both knees. Gather all excessive fabric under baby's bottom so that the fabric over baby's back is smooth and without wrinkles.














8. Tighten the upper rail of the sling by pulling from the tail. The upper rail should be quite tight so that the baby stays close to your body. You can gather all loose fabric closer to the rings to make it easier to tighten the sling.














9. If necessary, tighten also the lower rail of the sling. Do not tighten the middle part of the sling too much.















10. Sprad the sling widely over your back.















11. Spread the sling evenly over your shoulder for more comfort. If the inner rail starts to hurt your neck, pull the sling as far from the neck as possible towards the shoulder and your upper arm.














12. You are ready to go!














Back carry:

1. At first put the baby in the hip carry position. You may leave the sling a little looser than usually to make it more easy to shift the baby to your back.















2. Bring the baby and the sling under your arm..















3... and over your side to the back.















4. Make sure there is plenty of fabric still under the baby's bottom and she is firmly in the sling.















5. Tighten the sling if necessary by pulling from the tail to the back.















6. The back carry is ready!.














Taking the baby out:

1. Loosen the sling a little from the rings.















2. Lift the sling over the baby..














3. ..and take the baby out. You can also take the baby out of the sling from above: lift the baby up and towards your shoulder and bring the fabric down, lift the baby out from the pouch.













Tips for using the sling correctly:

In this picture the baby is not safely in the sling: her legs are too straight and there is a risk that the baby might slip through the sling.















Correction: make sure that the baby is properly in the frog-leg-position, the sling runs from knee to knee and there is plenty of fabric under the baby's bottom. The baby is "sitting" deep in the sling pouch. Sometimes babies can straighten their legs while in the sling. It is good practice to check once and a while that the baby is properly in the sling and fix the sling, if necessary.














Now the the sling is too loose and the baby is hanging too low and far away from the mother. Baby is not steadily in the sling and the carrying feels uncomfortable.















Correction: tighten the sling to keep the baby close to you.