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Using a Ring Sling
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The Ring Sling can be used with a newborn and up to toddler age. The ring sling is great for situations where you need to get the baby quickly up and wrapped.

With the ring sling you can carry the baby on your front, on your hip and on the back. We strongly recommend always to carry the baby in an upright position. In the upright position your baby can breath easily and you can monitor her wellbeing at all times. Even a newborn can be carried this way. You can place the legs of a small baby crossed inside the sling pouch. In the age of about 2-4 weeks you can start carrying her in the frog leg position.

Please check that your ring sling is in good condition before the first use and after each wash. Do not use a broken ring sling!


Please read the instructions for use carefully. The safety of your child is on your responsibility. Please use common sense and do not carry out any activities that could endanger the safety of your child for example bike riding, horse riding, cooking etc.

The ring sling can be washed in a machine in 40 degrees of celsius. Wrap a sock or piece of fabric around the rings to protect the color.