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Ring Sling Kide Vappu

Ring Sling Kide Vappu
Ring Sling Kide Vappu Ring Sling Kide Vappu
Brand: Liinalapsi
Product Code: VAPPU-RS
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Vanamo Kide Vappu baby wrap is weaved with a lively mixture of spring grass green cotton, white linen and sky blue bourette silk! The combination of linen & silk makes the wrap light & airy - yet strong and supportive. Vanamo ring slings are ecological and ethically produced from pure natural materials & carefully hand sewn in our own work room.

Please notice: the color of the rings may be different than in the picture. If you want specific color for rings, please order by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vanamo Ring sling is a great baby carrier for situations where you want to get the baby quickly into the carrier but the time of carrying does not necessarily take very long. The ring sling is easy to put on and adjusting takes only little time once you have learned to do it properly. Ring slings are a great help for caring newborn babies. Breastfeeding is also fairly easy with the ringsling. Vanamo ring sling works equally well with toddlers, too: for quick ups and downs. Toddlers want to explore the world but often they become tired and can't walk very long. Ring sling is easy to take along for day trips and shopping, or keep one in a car just in case.

With the ring sling you can wear your baby in the front, on your hip and on the back. We strongly recommend to always carry the baby in an upright position. Even a new born can be carried like this safely and securely. Please read the using instructions carefully before starting to use a new sling!

Although the linen-silk Vanamo ring sling is cool and airy for the summer, the sling can be used during all seasons. Kide weave is diagonally elastic which means that the baby sling gives an optimum support for the baby and feels comfortable for both the wearer and baby. This medium weight ring sling is great for bigger babies and toddlers.

The word ”kide” means ice chrystals and the Kide pattern was inspired by the traditional hand woven Finnish linen textiles. The Kide weave is a complex mixture of twill and tabby weaves which create the unique stuctured, porous and comfortable weave. After the first washing the fabric will fluff up and the unique texture appears.

Vanamo ring slings are carefully handmade by the local seamstress. We use high quality & strong sewing thread and the rings are secured with three rows of stitches. Large aluminium sling rings are specially made for baby slings and tested.

The shoulder of Vanamo ring slings is a hybrid type or partially folded: small fanned pleats are on each side of the sling and the center part is left unfolded. This allows you to adjust the width of the sling to fit perfectly on your shoulder. You can wear the sling wide over your shoulder and upper arm or gather the fabric on top of your shoulder, when needed.


  • Standard size M: about 200 cm along the short side of sling.


  • 40 % Organic Cotton (GOTS)

  • 35 % Bourette Silk

  • 25 % Linen

Weight: 300 g/m2 (post wash)

Manufacture: designed, weaved and sewn in Finland

How to care for your Vanamo wrap: Hand wash in cold water (30 celcius), hang or flat dry, iron with low heat. Use steam of iron the wrap while still a little damp.

PLEASE NOTICE! We recommend washing the wrap before starting to use it. The weave will tighten up and obtain the final dencity & thickness. Each wrap includes some extra length to compansate shrinking.

Woven wraps
Weaving technics Woven at small weaving mill
Made in Finland
Material 40 % Organic Cotton (GOTS), 35 % Bourette Silk, 25 % Linen
Weaving Combination of twill & tabby. Tick quality.
Suitable for Bigger babies & toddlers

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