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Wompat Ring Tai, Medium Spectra Red

Wompat Ring Tai, Medium Spectra Red
Wompat Ring Tai, Medium Spectra Red Wompat Ring Tai, Medium Spectra Red
Brand: Liinalapsi
Product Code: SPRD-RT-M-M
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Wompat Ring Tai is an ergonomic soft structured carrier which is made entirely of beautiful Vanamo woven wrap, 100% organic cotton. The soft wrap-like shoulder straps are fixed to small sling rings on each side of the panel. The straps feel incredibly comfortable and they fit for parents of different sizes and babys of all ages!

The medium size Wompat Ring Tai is suitable for children of about 1-3 years. The waist band and the shoulder straps are lightly padded with soft fleece layer. The amount of padding is just right for this type of carrier: allowing the shoulder straps to cup nicely over your shoulders. The straps are made of double layer of woven wrap fabric all the way. The body panel comes with seat darts and it is easy to get the baby in ergonomic M-position. We have also added soft legs out padding on both sides of the panel to prevent any pressure for baby's legs.

Wompat Ring Tai is suitable for parents of different sizes and shapes. The shoulder straps are attached to small aluminium rings on each side of the body panel and you can adjust the straps smoothly. For the front carry we recommend medium length straps (150 cm-170 cm): you can cross them on the back and make a knot under baby's bottom. When you carry the baby on your back, you can gather the strap on top of your shoulder to make it narrower and use the carrier backpack style. Or you can spread the straps half way open and get a really wide strap that cups nicely over you shoulders!

Why choose Wompat Ring Tai?

Ring tai is great for parents who like the comfort and beauty of a woven wrap but also want something that is as easy and quick to use as a buckle carrier - but without the buckles! Ring Tai is at it's best with back carries. You can achieve comfortable carry with much shorter shoulder straps than with traditional meh dais. When straps are fixed to the rings, they will not be touching the ground so easily and become dirty while putting the carrier on. Our double layer, lightly padded shoulder straps are incredibly comfortable. If you tend to have trouble with other soft structured carriers, our Wompat ring tai might be the answer!

Size recommendations for Wompat Ring Tai:
  • Baby size goes for 0-18 months
  • Medium size goes for 1-3 years
  • Toddler size goes for 2-4 years
  • Pre-school size goes for 3-5 years

The measurements:
  • Hight of panel 41 cm and width 41 cm
  • Padded part of shoulder strap: 25 cm
  • Width of shoulder strap: 10 cm or 20 cm when spread out wide
  • Length of shoulder straps: 150 cm
  • Length of waist strap: 200 cm


Vanamo wrap fabric: 100 % organic cotton (GOTS)

Washing instructions:

Spot-clean any small stains. Wash the whole carrier only when needed. Wompat Ring Tai can be washed in a washing machine. Wash with a delicates program at cold water (30 Celsius). Use only a small amount of liquid washing detergent. No fabric softeners. Hang dry. Shape the carrier while still moist. The Ring Tai can be ironed: cotton / linen with medium heat and wool / silk with low heat. Do NOT iron any of the padded parts! The Ring Tai can shrink 1-2 cm with the first wash.

Specific Features:

  • Ergonomic carrier for the baby as well as for the parent
  • Designed and manufactured in Finland by hand work
  • Suitable for front and back carry
  • High quality, durable and comfortable woven baby wrap fabrics.
  • Simple design - easy to use!
  • Four sizes ensure the best fit for children of different ages
  • Baby size Wompat Ring Tai comes with an easy to use adjusting string - the width of panel can be adjusted for babies under 6 months
  • Baby size Wompat Ring Tai: panel can be adjusted behind baby’s neck - better fitting at the upper back as well
  • Suitable for parents of different body shapes and sizes
  • Length of shoulder straps is adjustable with small aluminium rings - fits for most parents.
  • Just the right amount of padding on shoulders ensures the unique comfort!
  • Waist is padded and can be tied around your waist or hips
  • Soft Legs out padding feels comfortable in baby’s knee-pits
  • Shaped panel guides the baby in the ergonomic M-position
  • Cute sleep hood gives additional support for sleeping baby - or cover for a shy baby
  • Sleep hood can be fixed up with strings
Woven wraps
Made in Finland by hand work
Suitable for Babies from about 12 months to 3 years.

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