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Vanamo wool wrap poll (pictures at Blog)
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Girasol Sandia! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 June 2013 14:39

Here is a little foretaste for Wearababy's new Girasol exclusive :) New wraps have arrived in Berlin this week and the personell kindly took a picture of them for us. There are 4 weft colors included: golden yellow at top, then pastel pink, olive green and black at the bottom. The creme weft is still missing and they may arrive a little later. Although the colors may not be accurate at the picture, I'm still very happy with them and I believe they will be beautiful :)

We named the new design as Sandia which is the name of watermelon in Spanish. The yummy fluffies are expected to arrive here during June.

New Girasols! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 11:46

During the spring we are expecting several new Girasol designs! Some of them are variations of our old designs with a new weft color that will create a fresh look. And at least one design is completely new. We take pre-orders / reservations for all new wraps: please send us by e-mail your shipping information, the name of the design & weft color and the size.

For April-May we are expecting two new weft colors for the popular Earthy Rainbow design. Both new colors have been made because of a wish from a special customer :) The bright turquoise "azul pacifico" will give a cool looks for the common rainbow design. The other variation will be created with a warm bronze "bronceado" weft. Underneath you can see a real woven sample of the pacifico weft.


Also for April-May is expected a small batch of a design that we call High Lights. This is a variation of the popular Northern Lights with only the blue, green and purple colors. Here is an outline of the Hight Lights:


Our new pink & brown & green design was earlier planned for last autumn but the delivery time has been pushed forward. These beautiful wraps should now finally be in production and we are hoping of getting them for May. They will be available in 5 weft colors: pastel pink, light green, bright yellow, creme and black. Only a small amount of each color & size will be available.





















In May should arrive a new variation of the Double Rainbow design. It's a dark purple "purpura romana" - the same color that is used as a weft in Northern Lights, too. At the picture you can see the red, light blue and creme wefts.


Diamond Earthy Rainbow PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 July 2012 13:10

Here the very first picture of the Diamond Earthy Rainbow wraps! They are now in Germany and I'm expecting them to arrive in Finland in August. Also the Northern Lights Diamonds will follow. We will get these wraps little by little during the autumn.


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