Wearababy - Early Years

Welcome to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Finnish babywearing shop Wearababy! We started our babywearing business as a Girasol vendor – specially focusing on exclusive Girasol designs.

Girasol Earthy Rainbow

I'm going to tell you the story of our company in a few separate blog posts. From the early years of a WAHM business at the basement of our home to the international online shop & the manufacturer of several beloved baby sling brands! We started our babywearing business as a Girasol vendor – specially focusing on exclusive Girasol designs.

Girasol is a German manufacturer of woven baby wraps and they have been in the babywearing business since the 1980's. Girasol baby wraps are ethically hand woven in Guatemala by the local weavers and their families. Their brand is well known for the softness and the beautiful colors of Guatemalan highlands! I bought our first Girasol exclusive designs from a Finnish baby sling shop Katin Puoti. Kati designed the very first Girasol exclusive wrap which was called ”Earthy Rainbow”. The exclusive Girasols are baby wraps designed by the single vendor who has a sole right to sell that particular design. Some of the most popular exclusive Girasol of Wearababy have been Earthy Rainbow, Jungle, Chococabana, Kiwi and Sandia.

I continued developing and improving our Girasol designs. We were the first ones who started making several different weft colors on a single loom: for example Earthy Rainbow transfered to Northern Lights when the original red weft yarn was replaced with purple! On the basis of Wearababy's whishes Girasol designed the diamond weave as well as the stronger and thicker double weave that is suitable for toddlers.

Girasol Northern Lights

During the most busy years we sold thousands of Girasol woven wraps and ring slings, and we had a long waiting list for the most popular rainbow designs. We started also offering our exclusive designs for other babywearing shops and established a wide international network of retailers all over the world. Thanks to Girasol my business grew and become well known worldwide.

Those were happy times but over time I started day dreaming of a baby carrier of my own. During my second pregnancy in the year 2009 I started making plans for my own soft structured carrier design. It took a lot of time, exploring and hard work and finally we were happy to launch our new baby carrier Wompat – next time I will tell you more about that :)

Girasol Northern Lights

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