Wearababy 10 Years!

Welcome to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Finnish babywearing shop Wearababy!

Niina carrying her boy

I'm going to tell you the story of our company in a few separate blog posts. From the early years of a WAHM business at the basement of our home to the international online shop & the manufacturer of several beloved baby sling brands! In the beginning there was just me and my husband. Today our team includes also two talented textile designers and a bunch of local artisans who take part in the manufacturing of Wompat baby carriers and Vanamo woven wraps & slings.

The Liinalapsi company is run by me, Niina, and I am a passionate babywearer. Carrying my own children and the love for all the variety of baby slings and carriers was a motivation to start a babywearing business. The main steps of our journey have been: designing and distribution of the exclusive Girasol woven wraps, the designing of Wompat baby carrier & all the different variations of Wompat, SlingyRoo & Wompat babywearing bags made from woven wrap and finally the Vanamo woven wrap – the only machine woven baby wrap brand in Finland!

I love challenges in my personal life and work, and I'm a daydreamer :) Planning all kind of new stuff is inspiring to me: it can be a perfectly fitting baby carrier, harmonious color mixes of a woven wrap, the perfect wallpaper for my living room or a well designed outdoor premises for my pet-bunnies :) I'm inspired by the diversity and beauty of wild nature and I get easily excited about good fresh ideas! Over the years I have carried out several ideas and wiches that came from our customers. For example the Wompat Ring Tai was developed with the help of another Finnish artisan who also made wrap conversion carriers.

Niina carrying her daughter

But lets get back to that basement of our house and the beginning of our journey :) Even before my beautiful firstborn baby boy was born, I had decided to buy a woven wrap and carry him. Little by little I got to know more and more different baby wraps, slings and carriers and I fell in love with babywearing – quite seriously :) I had also been interested in starting my own business for some time but hadn't found the right type of business for me. Then one day I came across a baby sling boutique ”Katin Puoti” in my home town. The owner of the boutique was going to close it down because she was looking for new challenges. Suddenly I realized that this is what I want to do! I want to sell baby wraps! I bough the rights for about 10 exclusive Girasol designs and Kati was the perfect teacher who explained all the details of international online business. My company Liinalapsi - Wearababy was founded on spring 2008!

In the next blog posting I will tell you more about our early years and specially Girasol exclusives!

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