Wompat SSC for America!

We have some great news for our customers from the United States and Canada! Our wrap conversion full buckle carrier Wompat will be soon available for the American customers! It has been a long and hard process for us - mostly because I did not know what was required and where to start. But gradually I was able to find out the legal requirements and now we are almost there :)


We found a great lab in the US who made the tests and all the carriers that have been tested have passed. I am so so happy :) The Wompat SSC carrier is quite a complex product: we offer several fabric options for the front panel and straps and 4 different sizes as well. We have an ambitious plan to test all fabric options but we will do that little by little.

So far we have tested three sizes: baby, toddler and pre-school. For the straps (shoulder & waist) we have available strong and comfortable cotton twill fabric which comes in several colors. Also the back side of the carrier is made with the same cotton twill. Each carrier has the same basic structure which will ensure that the carrier is strong and safe.

For the front side of the carrier we have available several decorative fabric options: woven wraps like Girasol, Vanamo and Kokadi and also a changing collection of Marimekko’s cotton fabrics. There are two ways to use the decorative fabric: it can be used on just the body panel and hood, and the straps are a matching color of cotton twill. Another option is a half wrap conversion carrier where the outside of the whole carrier & inside of hood is made from woven wrap and the back side is cotton twill. The different colors for the strap fabric and decorative fabrics can be found at the Gallery.

We will start selling Wompats to the US as soon as we have the product registration form on our website. A few of our retailers in the US have them available already so please ask one of them, if you want your own Wompat now :)