New Vanamo wraps with wool!

Welcome autumn and winter! We at Wearababy will be prepared for the chilly weather!


We plan to weave some beautifully soft Vanamo wraps with wool. The fabrics will be woven during October and in November we should have some fluffy wraps available. The pattern for the new wraps will be our beloved "Solki" which has been used for the Vanamo Graniitti and the wool wrap Solki Syvyys. We will use snow white organic cotton for the loom and fine quality German merino wool for the weft. The wool is not itchy and it is machine washable. Our plan is to purchase three colors of wool yarn and we need your help to pic the colors! Below are listed all the color options. The buttons for voting are at the left side of this page just below the menu list. Below is also an example picture of the Solki Graniitti wrap. The new wool Vanamo wraps will be available for pre-order after the colors have been picked.


Solki Graniitti: