New Vanamo Solki baby wraps

Our new Vanamo Solki wraps in the foggy Finnish forest.


Vanamo Solki Kaamos 100% organic cotton. "Kaamos" is a Finnish word for the mid winter when the sun is rarely seen on the sky and the light hours of day are shortest. This wrap is weaved with black & purple weft on a white loom.


Vanamo Solki Huurre 100% organic cotton. Finnish language has numerous words for the snow or ice. Huurre - white frost - is formed from the icy cold mist which creates ice crystals on the trees, buildings etc. on a freezing cold weather. Vanamo Huure is weaved with two shades of turquoise on the white loom.


Vanamo Solki Graniitti Dark 100% organic cotton. This design is weaved with black on the white loom. The darker side of this wrap is almost black and the lighter side is greyish.


Vanamo Solki Usva 55% merino wool & 45% organic cotton. Usva means mist or fog: a light cloud of mist that can sometimes be seen floating over a field early in the morning.


Vanamo Solki Kinos 55% merino wool & 45% organic cotton. Kinos means a drift of snow.