Designing of Onbuhimo carrier

We have received a lot of inquiries for an Onbuhimo type baby carrier so we decided to respond to the demand :) Onbuhimo is a mei tai type soft structured baby carrier that originates in Japan. The Onbu has long shoulder straps that are attached to small rings or loops at the base of the square shaped body panel. Onbu does not include any waist strap. Onbuhimo is very light weight carrier and it's easy to take along because it fits well into the shoulder bag. The shoulder straps can be made shorter than usually with mei tais.


After some thorough thinking and googling we made a couple of experiments and ended up to the following version. The whole Onbu will be made of woven baby wrap. The panel and the sleep hood will be same as our well-known Wompat SSC and four sizes will be available. The panel is made longer so that it can be turned over and folded into a pouch under baby's bottom. One small aluminium ring is attached to each side of the panel. The shoulder straps are 1,5m long and they can be threaded through the rings. Two types of shoulder straps will be available: the folded wrap straps (the same as our wrap tai carrier) and lightly padded double layer wrap straps (the same as our ring tai). The pictures below have the wrap straps (no padding).

Next we will start testing the Onbu with babies and toddlers of different ages in order to find the optimum length of panel for each size. We are looking for babies and toddlers for testing: 0-2 months, 4-6 months, 12 months, 2 years and 4 years. You should have some experience with mei tai type carriers and preferably onbuhimos. If you think your family could be suitable for testing, please contact us!

Onbuhimo does not have any waist strap. The panel is folded under baby's bottom into a pouch.


When baby is on the front the shoulder straps are crossed on the back. The wide wrap like straps are spread over the shoulders and back.

Shoulder straps are placed through the rings and tied behind the back.