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We have available a wonderful collection of woven baby wraps: the new Vanamo wraps and Girasol exclusive baby wraps and ring slings. We can offer You also some beautiful and quality Wompat soft structured carriers, mei tais and wrap tais. At the instructions for use you can find help for using the woven wrap, ring sling, soft structured carrier or a wrap tai. I hope you enjoy our site and welcome back again!

PLEASE NOTICE: due to a strike at the Post of Finland shipping can be delayed as much as one week. We are very sorry about the situation and we try to find a solution as soon as possible. If the delay is not a problem for you, you can still place order and we will send your order as soon as we can.

The Wompat SSC and Wrap Tai are now available for the customers from the USA! We have a collection of ready made wrap conversion carriers in stock. If you can't find anything you like, you can also send your own wrap for conversion. The waiting time for the custom Wompat carriers is only about 3 weeks at the moment ;)














The new Vanamo Solki wraps are here! 5 wintry colors are available: Solki Kaamos, Solki Huurre and Solki Graniitti Dark in 100% organic cotton and Solki Usva and Solki Kinos in 55% merino wool! Read also the story behind the Finnish names at the Blog.
















Kind regards,

- Niina