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We have available a wonderful collection of woven baby wraps: the new Vanamo wraps and Girasol exclusive baby wraps and ring slings. We can offer You also some beautiful and quality Wompat soft structured carriers, mei tais and wrap tais. At the instructions for use you can find help for using the woven wrap, ring sling, soft structured carrier or a wrap tai. I hope you enjoy our site and welcome back again!

We are very busy at Wearababy at the moment. I will try to answer e-mails within 3 business days. Orders through online shop are shipped normally. Thank you for your patience!

The designing work for Wearababy's own Vanamo woven wrap is already well under way. The first batch of rainbow and two-colored Vanamo wraps are now ready and in stock! Some wonderfully soft cotton-wool wraps are still available ;) You will find more information and pictures about the designing process at Vanamo's blog and our online shop. On this page you can see two pictures of the new Vanamo wraps: the rainbow collection and the uni-colored design.

The second Vanamo wrap batch is now under planning! The pattern of the new wrap is beautiful and complex Vanamo Kide! More information and pictures are found at the Vanamo Blog. We will also add the new product on our online shop soon ;)


An illustrative review of the two-strapped SlingyRoo bag is found on the blog Pieniä Hetkiä





We have added more capacity to Wompat production and now it is possible to get a made-to-order Wompat or other wrap conversion in a few weeks.















Happy babywearing!

- Niina